Abdominal Pain – General Information

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  • Abdominal Pain in above 65 years means you have to do a USG AAA Screen
  • Think Mesenteric Ischemia/Ischemic Colitis when “Pain is out of Proportion”
  • Distended Abdomen: Ascites, Bowel Obstruction, Urinary Retention
  • Females in 40s = Gall Stones
  • Alcoholic and Gall Stones = Pancreatitis (Amylase, Lipase, CT)
  • Ascites + Fever = Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis
  • Young Female = Ectopic or Torsion Ovarian Cyst
  • Female with PV Discharge = PID/Tubo-ovarian Abscess
  • Gravid Female beyond 20 weeks + Pain (Bleeding +) = Abruptio Placenta
  • Young Male = Torsion Testis
  • Child (Get a Capillary Gas) = Torsion Testis or DKA
  • A child with Purpura on limbs = Intussusception in HSP
  • Young Male athlete with Distension = Cecal Volvulus
  • Previous Abdominal Surgery with distension = Obstruction
  • Loin to Groin + Hematuria on dipstick = Renal Colic (Ketorolac)
    • Admission in Renal Colic:
      • Concomitant AKI,
      • Concomitant Infections,
      • Single or transplanted kidney,
      • Pain persisting despite adequate analgesia,
      • Vomiting severe,
      • hydronephrosis on bedside USG Screen
  • Costo-vertebral angle tenderness + Positive Dipstick = Pyelonephritis
  • Read Bowel obstruction

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