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Patients are responsible for informing the DVLA about their medical conditions.


  1. Inform the patient to inform DVLA. If an incompetent patient, inform DVLA directly
  2. The patient refuses diagnosis: Advice/Arrange a second opinion. No driving until the second opinion
  3. Still driving: Persuade him to stop. May involve informing the NOK
  4. Still Driving: Inform patient that you are informing DVLA and inform DVLA


  • First Fit: 6 months at least from the Date of seizure
  • Alcohol-related seizure: 6 months at least from the Date of seizure
  • TIA: 1 month from the event
  • Multiple TIAs: 3 months from the last event
  • A shock from AICD: 6 months from the event
  • WPW, Syncope (low risk), Angina (stable): No Restrictions

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