History taking

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Sexual contact history
  • Are you sexually active
  • with whom
  • Do you have any other sexual partners?
  • Last sexual contact in last 3 months? numbers / Gender, known infections
  • Nature of relationship? (regular, casual, paid, etc) / Was it consensual – be aware of safeguarding issues
  • What type of sex? (oral/anal/vaginal etc)
  • Have you or your partner ever been tested or treated for any sexual transmitted diseases
  • Do you use any kind of contraception? condom break/fall off?
An elderly patient in ED
  • Have you ever had any falls in the last 1 year?
  • How do you manage your daily activities in the last 1 year
Child Burses – NAI
  • Ask questions related to child safeguarding – Recognise Abuse or a Child at Risk
  • any history of malignancy? leukaemia or lymphoma
  • any bleeding disorders or in the family
  • any trauma ?
Asthma history
  • Previous attendance for asthma in that last 1 year
  • previous HDU/ICU admissions
Procedure sedations -AMPLE 
  • Allergies
  • medications
  • Past history (ASA score )including difficult intubations, anaesthesia experience, complications..
  • Last meal
  • Even leading to presentations

Read More here Procedural sedation in ED

Carbon Monoxide poisoning
  • more than 1 family affected
  • symptoms improve when away from the environment
  • symptoms worse in winter or while cooking
  • symptoms happing in closed space
  • History of travel
  • his of sick contact

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