E.N.T – Nose Foreign Body

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FRCEM Intermediate Staff asked 1 year ago

A 4-year-old-boy is brought into AED by his mother with a plastic bead stuck up her nose. On examination, you can see the bead obstructing his left nostril posteriorly.
A. Give (2) possible methods of extracting the bead? (1.5 marks)
B. Give (2) possible complications of a foreign body lodged in the nose? (1.5 marks)

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FRCEM Intermediate Staff answered 1 year ago

-Instruct child to blow nose whilst occluding the other nostril
-Ask the parent to blow into child’s mouth having first ensured a good seal and also occluded the normal nostril (‘parent’s kiss’)
-Removal with a tracheal suction catheter attached to wall suction
-Removal with nasal speculum and hook or forceps as appropriate
-Pass a narrow balloon catheter past the foreign body, innate and remove the catheter, pulling the foreign body with it

-Septal perforation,
-+/- airway obstruction,