Procedural sedation

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FRCEM Intermediate Staff asked 2 years ago
A 30 year-old-male-patient with shoulder dislocation after propofol this capnogram

A.What are (2) causes of this capnography? (1mark)
B.What are your (2) actions? (1mark)
C.What will you do before discharging this patient? (1mark)

1 Answers
FRCEM Intermediate Staff answered 2 years ago
Partial airway obstruction
Respiratory depression

Call for Help-Ensure patent airway- Do simple airway maneuvers eg jaw thrust.

High Flow 100% oxygen through bag valve mask.

The patient has returned to their baseline level of consciousness
Vital signs are within normal limits for that patient
Respiratory status is not compromised
Nausea, vomiting, pain, and discomfort have been adequately addressed
Patients should be discharged in the presence of a responsible adult who will accompany them home and be able to report any post-procedure complications.
They should be provided with verbal and written instruction about post-procedure diet, medication, and a phone number to call in the event of an emergency