Major trauma (MT) -Abdominal Injury

FRCEM EXAM QuestionsCategory: March 2017Major trauma (MT) -Abdominal Injury
FRCEM Intermediate Staff asked 2 years ago
15 year-old-footballer had blunted abdominal trauma, presented with left side chest pain and upper abdominal pain, FAST done, and it was normal, the patient hemodynamically stable.

A.What is the diagnosis (cause) of abdominal pain? (1 mark)
B.What is your investigation? (1 mark)
C.What is your management? (1 mark)

1 Answers
FRCEM Intermediate Staff answered 2 years ago
Blunt Splenic Injury (rupture)

Contrast Helical CT scan of Thorax/Abdomen/Pelvis


Assess and secure the airway. Treat airway and breathing problems. provide 02
Insert 2 wide bore ( > 16G) IV lines.Send blood for U&E, glucose, FBC, clotting screen, and cross-matching.
Give IV fluids according to initial evidence of hypovolaemia and response to treatment. Give blood ± blood products early if unstable.
Identify and treat other potentially life-threatening injuries
Provide IV analgesia as necessary
Involve a surgeon at an early stage.