Acute back pain – Non Traumatic

FRCEM EXAM QuestionsCategory: March 2018Acute back pain – Non Traumatic
FRCEM Intermediate Staff asked 1 year ago

A 70 y/o man with a history of chronic back pain for many years,C/O his pain has become much more severe over the past few days, radiating into both limbs, Anesthesia / paranesthesia in lower limbs, bladder disturbance .
A.What is your diagnosis? (1mark)
B.Give one investigation? (1mark)
C.Give (2) other examination? (1mark)

1 Answers
FRCEM Intermediate Staff answered 1 year ago


Cauda Equina Syndrome.


MRI Lumbosacral


DRE (for Anal tone).
Saddle Anesthesia.
Neurological Examination lower limbs /SLRT for the exclusion of Sciatica.