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FRCEM Intermediate Staff asked 1 year ago

A 4-month-old baby brought by parents with complaints of swelling and wound over scalp which kept baby up at night for 1 day as told by parents. No other complaints.
A. What (4) things will you ask the parents which will reveal that baby safeguarding is in question? (2marks)
B. What (2) other collateral sources are present from which you can get valuable info for your diagnosis? (1mark)

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FRCEM Intermediate Staff answered 1 year ago

How the event has occurred?
Who identified or noticed the injury (particularly if the mechanism is unknown)?
If there was a delay in attending hospital, was there a reasonable explanation?
Past History history of previous injuries
Single parents?
Unwanted premature baby or multiple young children?

Contact G.P
Social worker/Social services/hospital medical records (for previous attendance)
Health Visitor